I Don't Like the Way I Look

You are not the only one.

You are not the only one.

It’s pretty easy to look in the mirror and not like what you see. It seems like everyone has something mean to say about themselves.

Lots of teens look at themselves in the mirror and say stuff like:

  • All I can see are my flaws, I can’t see anything I like


  • I’m so plain looking, no guy/girl will ever like me


  • Models and celebrities look so perfect, I’d do anything to look like them


  • I feel so ugly and worthless that I sometimes hurt myself


  • I use clothes that hide my body so no one will look at me


  • I’ve been dieting forever so I will look better


  • I can only go outside if my hair and makeup are absolutely perfect. Otherwise I hate the way I look.


  • All I think about is how bad I look and wish I looked different


Does this sound like you?

Usually there’s something else going on underneath not liking the way you look.

We can help you figure it out.


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