I Think I'm Too Fat

You are not the only one.

We talk to a lot of teens who feel the same way you do.

So many people think they should be thinner. It’s funny how we never really hear anything that tells us what size we should be, except thin. Never “you’re ok the way you are.” Why is that?

Some of the things we hear from teens are:

  • I don’t want to go swimming or to gym class because I’m embarrassed to be seen
  • If I were thinner I know I could have a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • All I can think about is food, and when & what I’m going to eat next
  • I’m always thinking about losing weight and counting calories
  • I get teased about being fat
  • When I look at myself in the mirror I am disgusted with what I see
  • I would do anything to be thin

Does this sound like you?

It can be really hard to love your body, especially because the media tells us we should always be thinner. We know about that because we live in the real world, too.

We also know that you don’t have to hate the way you look.   There is another way.

We can help you figure it out.

If you’re ready to talk, we’re here to listen.