I'm not happy

You are not the only one.

When youth tell us they are unhappy we usually ask if anything has changed lately or if there is anything stressing them out.

Sometimes they say:

  • My parents are divorcing
  • I’ve been keeping a really secret and I’m afraid to tell
  • I’m worried about a friend
  • I think I might be gay
  • My parents are always mad at me
  • I’m thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend or girlfriend and I don’t know what to do
  • I’m moving and going to a new school next year
  • I’m fighting a lot with my friends


Is this similar to you?

If it is, we can help you figure out what to do about these things.

For some people it’s harder to figure out the reason they’re unhappy. 

They just know something doesn’t feel quite right and it’s been going on for a long time. Life feels like difficult a lot of the time.


If you’re not sure why you’re feeling unhappy, it’s OK.

We've been to school a long time to learn how to help people understand their troubles. We can figure it out with you so you don't have to go through it alone.


If you're ready to talk, we're here to listen.