I've been sexually abused

You are not the only one.

Each year hundreds of children and teens who live on the North Shore are sexually abused.

This year about 65 of them have decided to reach out to us for help, to get counselling, to talk about it.

When they first come in they tell us that....

  • They feel sick to their stomach, confused, scared, quiet, and bad....
  • They have nightmares
  • They feel like it was their fault
  • That they could have stopped it
  • That it "felt good" sometimes
  • That they try to forget, but can't
  • That sometimes they get so angry or sad they are afraid of themselves
  • That even though they told someone, they still feel alone...

Is this you too?

Keeping it locked inside of you usually just makes it worse.

If you're ready to talk, we're here to listen.