My parents don't get me.

You are not the only one.

If you have this feeling you are not alone. We talk to a lot of teens who wish their parents understood them better.

You might wish your parents would:

  • Encourage you to talk about how you see the world and what you are learning about yourself
  • Give you increasingly more independence
  • Show an interest in the things you care about
  • Listen to your problems and problem-solve with you instead of always giving advice or telling you what to do.
  • Give you more of a voice in family decision making
  • Accept that you may need more privacy and may want less family time
  • Know that you still need them and not withdraw from you now that you are a teenager
  • Stop trying to be your friend and start being a parent

Does this sound like you?

We can help you figure out how to talk to your parents about it. Or if you'd rather not talk to your parents right now, we're here to listen and help you start to understand yourself better.

If you're ready to talk, we're here to listen.